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Student success COURSE FOR PA STUDENT, Pharmacy STUDENTS & professional STUDENTS

A comprehensive 15 module orientation course that teaches the full spectrum of critical competencies and skills your students need to reach their highest potential.


Our coaching program is one of three success elements PA and Professional schools can use to reduce attrition, improve dropout rates, and increase student PANCE scores or other test scores.

Student Success Journal

A powerful, yet simple daily journal for Professional Students...

These incredible resources will help you build momentum for your business and bring your message to life.

Comprehensive Data Services

Dr. Scott Massey proudly offers comprehensive data analysis services for all elements of Appendix 14 of the 5th Edition ARC-PA Self-Study Report. We offer these services in two tiers. Pricing is available upon request.

Consulting Services

Dr. Scott Massey offers a variety of consulting services to help your PA Program achieve or maintain accreditation. We work with programs at every state, including probation. Whether you need consulting for an enrollment increase, comprehensive data services, or initial provisional status, we've got you covered.

PANCE Required Report

When programs experience a first time taker pass rate on the PANCE less than 85% the ARC-PA requires that the program submit the PANCE Required Report for Low First-Time Taker Pass Rates.

This report requires that the program conduct a deep dive into the root cause of why the PANCE pass rates have decreased. This is a data-driven process to discover and implement improvements to enhance student outcomes. This report is identical to the appendix 14 F report required in the self study report.


Whether your PA Program is pursuing initial provisional status, hoping to get off probation, or working towards continuing status, Scott Massey PhD LLC provides personalized services to help your PA Program succeed.

  • Provisional Application

  • Provisional Monitoring

  • Final Provision

  • Continuing Accreditation

  • Probation Focused

What Our Clients have to say

"Dr. Scott Massey’s ability to talk with others about his past and how he got through it is amazing. Two members of my family struggle with alcoholism, and it’s difficult to watch, so his story resonated with me. He has and will continue to help others with their personal struggles."

- Katlyn B.

I have a lot of respect for Scott as a person. I’m twenty-two and living the young, “fun” stage of life, but his talk helped me realize the decisions I need to make now. I enjoyed his presentation; he spoke fearlessly.

- Danielle C.

Scott is incredibly inspiring! He took control of his life even when he didn’t have others supporting him. I enjoyed hearing his story. He did a great job making it relatable to everyone and challenged us to reflect on our own lives.

- Ellie W.

I felt the most impact when Dr. Massey talked about what makes him a better person. I personally deal with anxiety and think about things I can’t do instead of focusing on what I can do. After hearing Dr. Massey share his motivations, though, I’m inspired to set my mind on the things I can do!

- Danielle C.

Listening to Scott gave me hope for my future. He posed challenging questions that truly got me thinking. I think others can benefit from reflecting on his story and his questions, too.

- Brittany S.

Scott has a powerful story and I hope he continues to share it. He realized he wasn’t the person he wanted to be, so he made decisions that turned his life around. He created a plan of action and changed his life—we can do the same.

- Isaac D.


I believe each person has the ability to transform their life. Regardless of your past, you can make your future successful.

Whether you’re struggling with addiction, broken relationships, or financial issues, you can enhance your life.

Meet Dr. Scott Massey

With over three decades of experience in PA education, Dr. Scott Massey is a recognized authority in the field. He has demonstrated his expertise as a program director at esteemed institutions such as Central Michigan University and as the research chair in the Department of PA Studies at the University of Pittsburgh.

Dr. Massey's influence spans beyond practical experience, as he has significantly contributed to accreditation, assessment, and student success. His innovative methodologies have guided numerous PA programs to ARC-PA accreditation and improved program outcomes. His predictive statistical risk modeling has enabled schools to anticipate student results.

Dr. Massey has published articles related to predictive modeling and educational outcomes. Dr. Massey also has conducted longitudinal research in stress among graduate Health Science students. His commitment to advancing the PA field is evident through participation in PAEA committees, councils, and educational initiatives.


  • Faculty Development - This package provides support to PA programs by assessing individual program needs and designing development programs for the program faculty.

  • Student Success - This workshop, for new and experienced faculty, uses relevant theoretical frameworks, like principles of self-directed learning, reflective practice, and situated learning.

  • 5th Edition Standards Workshop -

    The purpose of this workshop is to comprehensively review the new 5th Edition Standards regarding the Self-Study Report. PA Programs have the choice for a one- or two-day workshop.

  • Raise PANCE Pass Rate - If your PA program experienced a recent drop in first-time test-taker pass rates on the PANCE, this individualized workshop will show you how to raise the pass rates.


Student Success Coaching

The Student Success Coaching Model saves considerable time for individual faculty members; it avoids duplicating academic mentoring and tutoring services. The accountability model is heavily steeped within the academic coach process, making this process highly successful. Because this process is focused on facilitating success, students are treated with dignity and respect.


“Scott Massey helped our program identify students at risk of failing the PANCE and met with each of them individually to work through their strengths and weaknesses. He worked with the students to develop individualized plans to lead them to a successful PANCE score.”

“The PANCE preparation workshop Scott Massey conducted for our first cohort was very effective. It provided our students with very clear direction to adequately prepare for the PANCE.”

“Scott Massey’s guidance for our students has been invaluable. We received a 100% PANCE pass rate for our first cohort. We will continue to utilize his services.”

M. Blair Whitaker, MPAS, PA-C

Program Director & Associate Professor University of the Cumberlands, Northern Kentucky Campus Physician Assistant Program

I learned this valuable lesson under your guidance in PA school and it made all the difference. These skills should be absolutely mandatory for every PA student. I had previously completed doctorate program before going to PA school but was never challenged as much as the PA program. I sincerely hope all PA students access your program. It will make all the difference in surviving and thriving in a program.”

Todd Massey, B.S., MPAS, PA-C, D.C.

MCPHSU PA Class of 2012

Former student of Dr Scott Massey

Learning to Love Data

Learning to Love Data is the perfect guide to help you implement improvements based on hard data. Filled with insights from multiple experts, downloadable resources, and easy-to-understand walkthroughs, Learning to Love Data will help you overcome data overload stress!

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Student Success Workshop

The Student Success Coaching Model saves considerable time for individual faculty members; it avoids duplicating academic mentoring and tutoring services. The accountability model is heavily steeped within the academic coach process, making this process highly successful. Because this process is focused on facilitating success, students are treated with dignity and respect.

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