Scott Massey currently works as a professor, teaching in higher education at multiple universities. He also provides consulting services through his business, Massey & Martin, LLC. He is an inspirational speaker and resilience coach, dedicated to helping others strengthen their perseverance to achieve the life they want to live.

Scott began drinking at the age of twelve, dropped out of high school after his sophomore year, and was an alcoholic and drug addict without hope for a future by the time he turned twenty. When he realized his life wasn't headed anywhere, he decided to turn it around; he got his PA certification, bachelor's degree, Master's degree, and completed his PhD first in his class. He is now an expert in his field, runs two businesses, and has been sober for almost twenty years.

His success is no fluke; his methodical approach to facing various challenges has helped him consistently achieve his goals. Now, he's sharing his system with others so they can learn to bounce back after failure and find success in their own lives.


The WASP Method: How to Achieve Your Goals

If your ambitions seem like “someday daydreams,” now is the time to learn how to set and achieve your ultimate goals. In this session, you’ll learn how to use the WASP method to achieve success:

  • Write: use the SMART method to write and develop goals

  • Accountability: work with an accountability partner

  • Strategize: develop strategies to overcome obstacles

  • Practice: practice daily affirmations

Bounce Back from Failure

You’ve set goals, worked hard to achieve them, but failed—now what? This session will equip you with four strategies to bounce back from failure and show you how to build adversity. Failure isn’t the end; it’s just another step on the road to success.

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